Introducing A.M.FITNESS

Increase confidence, Increase Mindset,
Increased Performance

Helping individuals become the best versions of themselves yet. Everyone's fitness journey is unique, everyone will have their own goals. Focus on your goals and the results will follow.



Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

As a qualified Personal Trainer I help guide individuals to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. By having the knowledge and experience I am able to deliver high quality sessions which will be fun, challenging and friendly. Whilst I can help achieve clients specific goals I can also help achieve a happier lifestyle. 
Fitness to me is more than the results achieved, its about the change in mindset. Whilst getting results are amazing, fitness will also make you feel strong, confident, motivated, unstoppable and most importantly happy.
Invest in yourself and start your fitness journey with me guiding you every step of the way.





Would Definitely recommend AM.FITNESS for any level of fitness. Alice was very knowledgable and made me feel at ease through out the whole session.

Lisa Marie

Whatever your fitness goals are, Alice is the best instructor without a doubt. Her group sessions and 1:1 sessions are really well planned; challenging but fun. She is so generous with her praise and encouragement and really knows how to keep me motivated. You will get a 5-star support and always with a big smile.

Kanon Chalcraft

I love the variety of the classes. They are challenging but you are able to go at your own pace. Alice is a great motivator and put fun into the classes as well!

Alice uses her experience and knowledge to give us a great workout that not only makes us stronger and fitter but makes it fun as well!

Janice Rickard

Anne Millea



Affordable and Flexible

Starting at £15.00

1-1 Personal Training

1-1 Personal Training sessions starting at £15:00. Each session will be tailored to suit your current fitness/lifestyle goals making sure you are getting the best out of every workout.


Group Session

A group session up to 3 people, splitting the price between you. An hour group session filled with a variety of different exercises which can be tailored to suit different needs.


Bootcamp Class

Sunday Bootcamp class from 9:00am-10:00am at Etchingham Village Hall. Pay as you go or pay for 4 sessions at £20:00.

Starting at £12.00

1-1 Personal Training

Student deals starting at £12.00.

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